candy coated twincest - it's easy to swallow.

a. uh, do we know what twincest is? twins? incest? <cough> Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter twincest? yes? okay, good.

b. thus rated, uh, R? language and sex. also, I feel it necessary to point out that these aren't really, like. chronological. or anything. total random, ordered alphabetically. disclaimer: characters belong to JK Rowling; no copyright infringement intended and no profit made.

c. The Big Gay Love Of Fred and George, as sung by glockgal and lise. Candy coated, it goes down easy.


apron - uh. george is hot when he's cooking?

beginning - everything has to start somewhere

birthday - glock had a birthday! mild ootp spoilers.

candy - uh, yeah. this is just sexy.

car - in the car.

class - uh, fred is sexy in class.

dragon - ginny kills the dragon!

fizzy - weasley new year! fred, ginny, george and ron.

gay - george is the gay twin! fred's just kinky!

grave - george picks up thirty year olds

harry - well, you know. everyone else has a crush on him.

home - fred leaves home.

homework - fred is, uh. hot. there's fingering.

hot - everything they do is hot.

joke - "two words. joke. condoms."

lee - they have other friends.

not so - after glock's fic 'straight'

practise - fred watches oliver and george 'practise'.

quiet - fred thinks he's loud. after OotP.

sock - fred loses something.

underground - george can handle it.