and the twins rode off into the sunset...

fred and george weasley - everyone's favorite twins

For those out there who like their twins a little, incestuous. :D


"Fred, you next," the plump woman said.

"I'm not Fred, I'm George," said the boy. "Honestly, woman, you call yourself our mother? Can't you tell I'm George?"

"Sorry, George, dear."

"Only joking, I am Fred," said the boy, and off he went.

-- Philosopher's Stone, chapter six.



candy coated twincest - by lise and glock. random scenes of twincest glory.

magic stationwagon - by lise. this is kind of periferally twincest. if you squint. I mean, we assumed it was. The summer before OotP, Remus and Sirius spend some time, ah, educating Fred, George and Ginny. about practical jokes.

It wasn't the eggs, or the toast. it wasn't the tea, or the sugar bowl or weetabix they were sharing. It wasn't even the slightly turquoise fingernails he could see on Sirius's hands.

It was the incredibly nonchalant expression Sirius presented him, coupled with Ginny's hand over her mouth, trying not to giggle. He recognised that look as the one that Sirius had tended to use on teachers at school, right before he was thrown into detention. Aaahh. Well, this wasn't at all fair. The twins were hopelessly outnumbered.

marshmallow by glockgal. this only hints at twincest - but we all know what really happened in their tent. the weasleys go camping. camping! (also Ron/Hermione).

George had packed Ginny into a bag. But then he couldn't remember which one it was.

"And it could be any one," Fred said, frantically toeing the piles of baggage. "We charmed them to hold a lot of stuff. Any of them could easily hold a little girl."

"Well, she'd be the moving around one, wouldn't she," George said, obviously less concerned. "Unless you decided to pack a garden gnome as well. Or like, something."

"Go eat slugs." Fred opened a carpet bag, peered in and shut it again.

straight - by glock. The Weasley twins get some. (Fred/Parvati, George/Oliver, and hinted twincest). it's true; the weasley twins get some, but it's not what Fred wants at all. [this is password protected - the username and password are the answer to this question: which hp character shares her name with a roman goddess?]

His swagger faded when George emerged from the shower room, slick wet and half-heartedly tying a towel around his waist.

"Hey you." George's voice sounded rough, low and gravelly.

It was pretty obvious which one of them had just gotten laid.




fic recs - some of the twincest we like.


art by glock

gen: all rated G.

george and harry fighting - OotP spoilers. at the quidditch match.

fred, george, ginny and ron - a very weasley new year.

fred and george - in quiddich uniforms.

oliver and george - on broomstick.

oliver and fred - quidditch changeroom.

fred and george - G.

ginny, ron, fred and george - for fandom relief.

gryffindor quidditch boys - in the locker room.

fred and george - on broomstick.

percy and the twins - being pranksters.

fred and george - part of glock's 'quidditch' picture series.

the weasley brothers - percy, bill, charlie, fred, george, ron.

the gryffindor quidditch team - in shades.


adult art: all of glock's adult art is password protected. the clue is "which harry potter character shares her name with a Roman goddess?" the answer is both the username and password.

george/harry/fred - quidditch. pg-13

fred/george - in bed. R.

oliver/fred/george - in the shower. R.

oliver/george - on broomstick. PG-13. plus fic by lise. (part of the candy coated scenes).

oliver/seamus. - PG.

george/harry - for sarah. PG.

george/harry - for sarah. PG.

fred/george - PG.

oliver/george - for maki. pg.

fred/george - PG-13.

oliver/terrence - in the shower. R.

fred/george and harry - PG-13. | | | | |
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