Caramel Macchiato

in which there was a crappy Halloween dance and beer

Jack was concentrating on dancing as best he could with Rachel, a sweet-looking brown-haired girl who was slightly popular and dressed as a princess, and who Jack was still baffled at for asking him to the dance. He was having a fairly good time, aside from the fact that he hated dancing, it was hot in the gym, and Rachel seemed to mainly want to chat and giggle with her friends while Jack stood around (and a few other guys he didn't really know - the other girl's dates) feeling awkward and without David.

Jack sighed as the slow song ended, and glanced furtively around the gym for a sight of David and his date, the overly-busty Alexis. A blonde of course, she usually dated football players and was a year above them... she was dressed as a nurse, and... huh. She was talking to Jeff Barnest, so where was David? "Uh.. I'll be right back, okay?" Jack said shyly to Rachel, who nodded and was already being dragged away by two girls to gossip over so-and-so.

Jack ran a hand through his hair, and took a good look around. He didn't seem to see David anywhere. Jack left the gym and checked the bathroom, no David. The science hallway, the coat room.. nope. Finally Jack heads outside, and starts walking toward the back of the building, "David? You out here?" Jack's costume is fairly thin, and he folds his arms, rubbing his hands along them, trying not to shiver.

David turned and saw Jack standing unsurely blinking in the dark. He waved Jack over. "Jack, hey. C'mere." As Jack approached, David opened up a bottle of beer and handed it over. "Drink up, you look freezing." He takes a gulp of his own beer and stares out into the quietness of the pine trees. "Sorry for hiding out here, I'm not much for parties. Having fun? Your girl's quite the catch."

Jack heads over, looking confused. "It's kind of boring, isn't it? I hate dancing..." He sits down next to David and takes the bottle, giving it a curious, almost scandalized look. "Beer? Hey, where'd you find this?"

David looks at the bottle as if he just discovered it in his hands. "They sell it in that drugstore down the street, Jack. And the shop clerk was very nice." As he brought the bottle up to his lips, he grinned and added "And pretty."

Jack can't help but grin, and pushes his eye patch off. "Is there someone in this town you haven't charmed?" he teases. "Alexis only usually dates football players, you know." He pauses, looking down at his bottle, and then takes a small tentative sip. He winces at the taste, "Oh god, this tastes kind of gross. Do you have to get used to it or something?"

David chuckles. Somehow, he's not surprised that Jack's never drank before. "I dunno, really. I first tasted beer when I was a kid, so I guess I kinda got used to it." He rolls the bottle inbetween his hands, thinking. "I guess if you take a big breath before you drink, then you won't taste it was much. The bad thing about that--" he says, before Jack starts on his second sip, "--is that then you get a lot of air in your stomach and that can make you sick. Um. Hold your nose?" David grins. "Trust me Jack, the more you drink, the less you'll notice the taste, I promise. And it'll warm you up nicely." David takes another swig and bites his lip. "So have I managed to charm you, Jack?" He hopes it sounds teasing.

Jack tries another sip, drinking more than last time, and forces himself not to make a face. God, he really needs to stop acting like such a baby in front of David. He's in the middle of his third drink, trying even more, when David asks if he's charmed him. Forcing a full gulp of the cold, yet burning liquid down his throat to hide his flushed embarrassment, Jack ends up dribbling a bit down his chin. He laughs, wiping some spilt beer from his arm, "Yeah you have, that's why you're my best friend..."

David blinks in surprise and politely tries to not look at Jack as the smaller boy frantically wipes his mouth. "Best friend, huh? Well, geez, I guess we are." Holding his bottle out, he deftly clinks bottles with Jacks and downs the rest of the beer. Truth to tell, he didn't really like the taste much either, so he understood where the kid was coming from. However, he couldn't deny the warm feeling of light relaxation that coursed through his body. And he had only finished his second bottle.

"So. What was Alexis up to? Probably sandwiched inbetween those football players." David paused in opening his third bottle, suddenly annoyed. "Why the hell did she ask me, anyway? I thought it was some elaborate joke at first. And yeah -- how come you're not with Rachel? I thought you liked her, or something." David didn't really know whether or not Jack liked that popular girl, but Jack had said yes, so. Hm. Not very good logic, David berated himself.

Jack tries not to blush at his admitted "best friend" thing, clinks bottles, and takes another drink, and another. He pushes the voice telling him the beer tastes horrible, and that this is wrong, and if he parents knew they were doing this they'd be in deep crap- out of his head. He works on finishing his first bottle, and when he manages to get it all down, he feels somehow proud of himself, older.. more like the kind of guy David would want to hang out with, maybe. The drink has warmed his belly and he isn't shivering anymore, he feels a bit strange, but not bad. He sets the bottle down between his feet, and looks up at the stars, "She was talking to Jeff.. dunno why she asked you, man. Maybe cause you're new? I heard her telling some of her friends you look sexy for a sophomore."

He half-laughs, half-snickers for some reason, and toes the dirt. "I think Rachel only asked me cause I'm friends with you. I guess I like her.. she's nice, isn't she? Pretty and all. .. Uh, well, I came to find you, maybe I should go back.. I just told her I'd be right back..." Jack frowns, not wanting to go back inside at all. It probably wouldn't be a good idea now that he smells like beer, either.

David sighs. He doesn't get it; well, he doesn't get girls. Or men. Or anyone who wasn't his age and a boy, for that matter. For that reason, he shifts a little closer to Jack, with no intention of going back inside. It's a crisp night, but it's so peaceful. "Jack, you've never had a girlfriend, right? Lemme impart some wisdom -- girls are weird. My first girlfriend, she was fantastic. Every other girl after that? Messed. Up. I don't get them, and I don't think I ever will. And I don't like it when one of the most popular girls in school asks me, of all people, out-of-the-blue, to some dumb school dance." David pushes himself off the wall and paces a bit. "A school dance! Like, what is this? Don't people have less lame things to do with their Halloween?"

David is aware he's ranting, and it's probably more the beer than anything else, but hey, it's just Jack. "Where's the pumpkin smashing? And the scaring little kiddies trick-or-treating? And the illegal fireworks? And the house egging? I mean, don't get me wrong," he lurched forward earnestly a bit, not noticing Jack gaping at him, "I'm not one for reckless destruction or anything, seriously. But this place... it's such a perfect kinda school, with the perfect kinda kids. And... and if it was called Sunnydale and a vampire jumped out of the bushes right now, I so wouldn't be surprised." Sidestepping a bit, David slowly settles down onto the bed of orange and red leaves. "So, uh, yeah. Girls. Weird. End of story."

So focussed on David's rant, neither boy notices as Rachel and a couple of her friends gingerly step around the corner of the building. Rachel squeals in delight when she sees the beer, breaking the boys out of their own little world.

Jack stares at David with slightly wide eyes. He suddenly wishes he were anywhere but here, this stupid school dance. He thinks lighting illegal fireworks with David sounds like a great time, something new.. something he isn't used to. He leans forward, about to tell David they should just get out of here, go finish their beer somewhere else, when he hears a distinctly female squeal and giggle to his left. He turns and sees his.. date.. and two of her friends, Michelle and Lessa. He fumbles for his empty beer bottle, wondering if they'd tell, and accidentally knocks it over with his foot.

"Jaaack, why didn't you tell me you were coming out here for a beer? Don't you think you should share with your date?" A flirtatious pout graces her face, which any other guy might find irresistible, but Jack just feels out of place. And then, of course, there's the fact that even though she's talking to him, she seems to be mostly looking over at David. Jack feels a stab of jealousy, but he can't decide who it's for. "I.. uh.. didn't know..." He looks at David for help as the three girls invite themselves over, looking at the two boys expectantly.

David giggles a bit, knowing the girls didn't hear a word of his 'girls are weird' rant, despite the fact that he finished it only seconds before they trooped over. Not looking at Jack, David stands up and rolls out the crick in his neck, before smiling down at the girls. "Hey Rachie, don't be so hard on Jack. It's my beer, and I didn't know you were interested." Graciously, he twists off each cap before doling them to each girl. Effectively finishing the sixer, David idly dismantles the box. "Enjoying the dance as much as we are?"

Michelle makes an gracelessly annoyed snort. "God, it SUCKS. I can't wait to turn 19 and go clubbing with the college kids." If David's eyes light up, no one sees in the dark. "Club? College kids?"

Michelle nods, and Lessa does too, eager to join in the conversation. "Yeah, duh, of course-- oh you're new, right. Yeah, my sister went there tonight and it looked sooo coooool."

But David isn't listening anymore. The club! Right. The Venusi, a nondescript little black building about five blocks down. David passed it a few times when he borrowed Mr. Lowry's bike and went riding with Jack, and surmised it was probably the only happening place in this small burb. The club...

Jack was otherwise uncomfortably occupied with Rachel, who thought she should make some effort to be nice to her date, since he was now the bringer of beer. "So....sit down here, gawd, you're making me uncomfortable standing there like that." She grabs hold of his hand and pulls him down next to her. Putting her empty bottle aside, she purrs "Ohh my gawd, I'm so DRUNK. This is SO much funner than being inside. Like, Calden and them SO don't know how to have a good time," she says, disgusted at the popular boys. "They're so LAME!" She eyes Jack with a look that obviously hints at their doing something naughty. And suddenly, just like that, Jack had become one of the bad boys.

Jack can't seem to get over how David went from ranting to charming in less than 5 seconds flat. He watches as David passes out the beer, but then his attention is diverted as Rachel starts talking to him. He notices how close she's sitting, and can't help but wonder what it'd be like to kiss her. He blinks, and rubs his head, wondering where that came from. "Er, yeah.. it's more fun. Hey, can I have a drink of your beer?" Jack thinks that having more beer in his system at this point would probably be a good thing.

Meanwhile Michelle is trying to get David's attention back to her, "Helloooo, David? Are you like, going to pass out?" She waves a hand in front of his face, and takes a long sip of beer. Obviously she's familiar with it. "Did you go to any clubs in Las Vegas? I'll bet they don't check ID."

Rachel giggles foolishly at Jack. "Oh, I'm all done mine, but here, have some of Lessa's." Obviously not the alpha female, Lessa let Jack drink from her bottle.
David blinks and cocks his head at Michelle. "Hmm? Oh, no, they ID, of course. I mean, I don't exactly look 19, now do I?" David drawls lazily. "But there are..." David pauses, because if he explains his methods of getting into clubs, it means he'd have to include Michelle and her bunch. "I mean... oh, uh, right. ID. My older cousins used to, ah, sneak me in, but, uh, I guess it wouldn't work here. Oh, well darn." More than anything else, David wants his time alone with Jack. He tries to make eye contact, but Jack is staring in fascination at Rachel's shiny glossed lips. David opens his mouth to say something caustic, but is interrupted by even more leaf crunching from around the corner.

"Hey what the fuck is going on here?" Calden barrels his way over, grabbing Lessa's beer from Jack's hand. "What's this?" He stares from Rachel, who's looking cutely defiant, to Jack, who looks nothing less than mystified. "Rachel, I think you've had your fun with this little jerkwad." He pulls Rachel up as she squeals but doesn't do much to resist. "Fuck off, Lowry. What the hell do you think you and your dirty little friend are doing anyway?"

Jack gratefully accepts Lessa's bottle, and finishes it off. That warm feeling courses through him once more, and he starts to appreciate the strange buzz. He smiles sheepishly at Lessa, and then Rachel for finishing the drink, and finds himself wondering how Rachel's lips were able to stay so nice and shiny all night. His thoughts are interrupted, however, by that asshole Calden. "Hey!" He half-yells, as Calden snatches the bottle from his hand, even if it is empty. His eyes narrow at the slander to David. Feeling a bit more brave, a little less submissive as he normally does (probably thanks to the beer), Jack stands up. He pauses for a moment to let his head calm, "No, Calden.. fuck you." Jack stares at Calden defiantly, wishing he was bigger.

"Wow!" David exclaims, the full extent of his drunkenness hitting him. He finds himself extremely enthusiastic at Jack's sudden bout of bravery. Calden even, for a moment, looks a little taken aback. Unfortunately, it all ends when Calden recovers and easily (and soberly) whollops Jack right in the face. David watches in horror as his little friend spins and lands against Lessa, who screams a bit, mostly in concern. Rachel seems a little concerned as well, but not really. She's more laughing, easily reverting back to her annoying popular girl self. "Oh my gawd, you hit him so harrrrd," she coos at Calden, who grins so stupidly, it makes David's teeth grind.

Gently pushing the dumbfounded Michelle aside, David stalks over to Calden and uses the momentum to punch him in and up into his stomach. Calden doubles over just enough for David to grab Jack out of Lessa's arms and start running. "Where are we going, Jack?" David yells at him, running past some late trick-or-treaters. "'I dunno, David,'" David answers for Jack. "'I just like to run with you.' For a stupid dance, that was pretty fun, huh Jack? 'Sure thing, David,'" they slow down by the closed corner store. David lifts Jack's chin up, and makes eye contact. "Jack.You okay?"

Jack feels immensely satisfied by the look on Calden's face, but mostly from the "wow" he's sure came from David. Yes, that voice was too deep to belong to one of the girls. And while his slightly foggy mind lingered on that particular thought, Calden's fist impacted with his face, and he's sure he blacks out for a moment, because the next thing he knows he's on the ground, on someone soft, and his head hurts badly. And then before he has a chance to figure things out, David's pulling him up and running, and he's running too.

He doesn't want to run, he wants to lay down, he thinks he might even like to throw up, but he runs and listens to David's voice next to him. Probably saying something funny, but he can't quite tell, and he can't quite muster up a laugh. When they finally stop, he feels David's hand on his chin, and their eyes meet. Blood is running down one of Jack's nostrils, his nose aches, and his knees feel weak. "Okay... yeah..." He puts his arm over David's free arm, trying to steady himself. He wants to sit, but he doesn't know where they are. "David.. did he hit me hard?"

David glances up and down Jack consideringly. "Jacky, I'm not gonna lie -- Calden hit so really, really damn hard. Really. You went flying. The girls thought you had to go the the hospital. But.." David held Jack's shoulders and pushed him back, as though appraising the blond boy, "I knew you could handle it, and you could probably handle much worse. That was some thing standing up to an ugly guy like Calden, dude." Because he really didn't care, David used the sleeve of his rental costume and wiped up the blood from Jack's nose. The less Jack had to notice that, the better.

"C'mon, take a load off." They sat down on the curb and David rubs Jack's back for a bit. "Dude, the way you took on Calden, I wouldn't be surprised if they stayed clear of you for a bit." David didn't bother mentioning the punch he delivered to Calden. Silently, he thanked his Uncle Coreno for being a pugilist. "Um...your parent's will be waiting up for you, won't they? I don't think they wanna see you looking so, uh..." David casted about for a euphemistic way to say it," so tired. I think someone needs some coffee."

"Don't call me Jacky," Jack murmurs, and smiles a bit, feeling better knowing that he took a punch that serious without passing out, and pleased at David's praise of his durability. He sits down next to David and lets him rub his back. His eyes close halfway, because it feels nice, really good. He leans in a bit, his head an inch from David's shoulder, and he wishes they were both back at his house, wishes he was in bed. "They won't wait up, they don't have a reason to.. they trust me. But coffee sounds good, and aspirin.. my nose hurts." He rubs the side of his head, and adds as an afterthought, "Didn't like him saying you were dirty... such an asshole..."

"Well best friend, I can't help you with the aspirin, but the coffee shop is still open. C'mon." David fondly and carefully helps Jack stand, glad to see the kid looking a little less rabbity. He feels a little bad, getting Jack involved in this kind of stuff. David didn't make Calden come outside, but he sure caused a lot of other new and different things in Jack's life that led to the eventual punch. David sighed. "And yeah, dirty? Whatever. I've been called spic and wetback and beaner. So 'dirty' seems almost pleasant. I was gonna say thank you to Calden for the compliment." David grinned and jostled Jack. "After all. Christina Aguilera says being dirty is a-okay." They got into the coffee shop. "So, what'll you have, kid?"

Jack starts laughing at David's Christina Aguilera comment, grabbing his arm to keep steady, and laughs so hard his stomach hurts. He must be coming down from the adrenaline rush, he feels good despite his nose, and relieved. "Surprise me, I haven't tried many different types of coffee." Jack gives David a playful shove over to the counter, and sits down at one of the small tables. He looks at his reflection in the window, and blinks at his messy hair and disheveled looking appearance. He wipes a sleeve against the blood stained places David missed on his face. "Crap," he mumbles, and waits for David to return. When he does, Jack takes his cup of mystery coffee, and looks questioningly to David, "What kind is it?"

David slides into his chair and pushes the cup of coffee over. "You'll like it. It's a caramel macchiato. It's what I was weaned onto when I got into the lifeblood that is coffee." David watched carefully as Jack took a sip, hoping that Jack would like it a lot more than he liked the taste of beer. "Glad to see you doing a bit better. Your nose though...we can say you fell down." David immediately feels awful saying that; how many times did he have to lie just as easily to his mom, about a wide and unpretty variety of things? It was almost like second nature for him, and here he was, encouraging this... this Jack to just be blasé and lie to his parents. David sat back and curled into his coffee. "Or tell 'em the truth, I dunno, you're a big boy."

"Mmm, caramel..." Jack takes a long sip of the sweet, hot coffee, and smiles appreciatively. "It's good. Thanks, David." He doesn't respond to the falling thing for a few minutes, just sips at his coffee and listens to the background noises of the cafe. Finally he nods, "Yeah, we can say that.. that I fell.. off my bike. I just hope it doesn't bruise or swell up too much." He touches his nose gingerly, and after a long moment asks, "Hey David.. I know a spic is a.. well, a racial slur, but what do wetback and beaner mean? Are they.. uh, the same thing?" He frowns a bit, head tilted toward his coffee, but eyes on his friend. Jack hopes this isn't a sensitive topic.

Jack asks about the slur meanings, and David can't help but stiffen up a bit. "They're just bad words, Jack. If you really want the stupid humiliating history behind each one, I can give that to you, but I don't really want to." David leaned forward, his eyes flashing. "And I don't want to hear you say any of those words again, okay? It just doesn't sound right.... here." David made a vague motion around the quiet ambiance of the cozy coffee shop and then slumped back into his chair, sipping moodily at his coffee. Everything he touched seemed to get tainted. It was just his way, he brooded.

Jack feels the back of his neck burning, and wishes he could take back his question. His damn curiosity is always getting him in trouble. Not that he's in trouble, but he seems to have ruined David's mood, and he really hadn't intended on dredging up any bad memories. He reaches forward across the small round table, and touches David's hand tentatively with his own to bring his attention away from brooding. "I won't ask, and I won't say them again.. I promise," he says, softly and earnestly. "If it means anything to you, I think Hispanic people are great." Jack tries hard not to look as embarrassed as he feels, and starts to move his hand back, because what the hell was that? 'Guys don't talk like that to each other,' he thinks.

David tries not to choke on his coffee as he barks with laughter.  "Oh man, oh MAN! Welcome to Rhode Island!" David threw up his hands and then sunk lower into his chair, not being able to stop giggling.  Trying to get control of himself (he supposed he was still a little drunk still), David leaned forward and swallowed hard. "Well, thanks very much, Jacky.  I think you white folk aren't so bad either, y'know," David waved a hand back and forth, "as a whole, kinda deal."  He pats Jack's hand a little more forcefully than he should, his grin suddenly feeling strained.  He knows he's just being a complete and total jerk, it just always totally threw him whenever he realized that Jack didn't think the same way he did. Jack didn't grow up the same way he did,  Jack didn't know... just, didn't know. Almost immediately, David felt awful. "I'm. Oh god. Let's go home?"

Jack looks shocked and hurt as David laughs at him, and tries to focus on the constant throbbing pain of his nose and cheek to keep from crying, but it doesn't seem to help. Jack manages to keep the tears in, and pulls his hand away from David's touch. He stands up so abruptly his coffee almost falls from the table. His head reels as an after-effect of the beer, and he feels a drop or two of blood fall from his right nostril. "I didn't mean it like that! I don't think of you as Hispanic, or anything like that. I just. I never thought of you as anything but you." Jack isn't sure that makes sense right now, but he doesn't care. "So fine, yeah, let's just go home-." He stresses the word home, glaring at David as if to remind him that it's HIS home. He knows that probably hurts, but right now he's finding it hard to think straight. He stalks for the door and out, coffee forgotten, and doesn't look back to see if David's following.

Quietly, David picks up Jacks' coffee cup and mops up the small amount of spilt coffee. The coffee shop lady comes from behind the counter and assures him that it's all right, she can take care of the rest, so he leaves. He immediately spots Jack a short ways ahead of him, and, making sure Jack is walking okay and there are no dumb jocks lurking in the bushes, proceeds to slouch after him. 'I never thought of you as anything but you,' Jack had said, and he could hide the tears, but he couldn't control the emotion in his voice. David cursed himself for the twentieth time that night for being an idiot. After all the trauma and excitement the poor little suburban kid had this night, and David was gonna pick on a couple carelessly misplaced - but altogether good-hearted - words? His father's voice floated into his mind, saying 'The road to hell, and all that, chiquito. The boy has to come out of his shelter sometime. He's old enough to learn that he should know better.'

David was never sure if his dad was the angel on his shoulder, or the devil.

David knew Jack was old enough, but David kind of liked having Jack so innocent. It made David think that maybe, just maybe, he could be like that too. Only concerned with things like pets and bicycles and paper routes and school dances. It seemed so nice and clean and simple, just like Rhode Island.

David switched to a light jog and caught up with Jack, hoping the kid wasn't crying. "Hey, Jack? Jack, I'm so so sorry. I'm an idiot. You don't deserve this, not after everything you've been through tonight. I forget.. I forget that, uh. That we're different. You can punch me if you like. Or I can sleep out in the hayloft. Or you can let me sleep in and miss your mom's killer breakfast tomorrow. Or... whatever you want, Jack. Jack?" David almost added a 'sweetheart?' after that, but he stopped himself and just managed to hiss after Jack's name.

Jack walked half-blindly down the dirt road leading to his house. The cold night air was a shock and stung his eyes. As they teared up he wiped at them furiously, mentally blaming the wind, just the cold wind. Jack wished he had more... experience. Wished he could understand the kind of place David came from, so he could better understand him. Sometimes, to Jack, it seemed like David was from a whole other world. But now he was in HIS world, he was his friend, and how could he have laughed like that? Jack was just trying to tell him he never thought of him as a spic, or a beaner, or anything like that. He probably should have just said that, that would have made sense.

Jack hears David jog up, and listens to him while looking ahead, unable to bring himself to look at him just yet. When David stops talking, Jack stops, and glances over, then at the ground, at David's shirt.. anything but his eyes. "I.. I know we're different. But I don't want that to get in the way. If you could just show me.. and I show you.. maybe we'll end up a little like each other, right? I'll be a little Las Vegas, and you'll be a little Rhode Island." Jack smiles a bit, thinking he must sound pretty dumb. His expression becomes solemn again, and he finally looks at David's face, "I'm sorry, too..."

David was already shaking his head. "No no no, Jacky, baby, don't be sorry. What would-- why would you know? Look at your neighborhood, it. Dammit, it shouldn't have been a surprise to me. And, hey--" He ducks his head down a bit more, to make eye contact with the evasive Jack,"--hey, you are in no way gonna be Las Vegas, okay? I left there for a reason, and I don't need to be reminded every time I see you. And, so, I. I guess it's my responsibility now to become more Rhode Island." David sighs and smiles, trying to coax Jack to smile as well. "I'm glad I met you, Jack. I have a lot of things to learn about living in a place like this. And when I'm not being such a condescending bastard, maybe you can teach me? Huh?" He snakes a couple fingers around Jack's elbow, and rubs the inside of his arm, lightly, briefly.

Jack smiles, looking relieved and back to himself again. He likes David's fingers on his arm and doesn't move to separate them. "I don't think Las Vegas could have been so bad in every way, really, cause you didn't turn out bad. ..I'm glad I met you, too.. Daisy." Jack laughs and blushes lightly, and turns his head away, "I don't really know what I can teach you, but I'll do anything I can..." he pauses and sniffles from an itch and then coughs as some blood gets sucked back up his nose. He shakes his head a bit, "Geez.. right now I just want a shower and some aspirin. I hate that asshole Calden." Jack smiles to David again, and starts walking down the road, hoping in the back of his mind that David won't move those fingers.

David smiles shyly at first, almost blushes when Jack actually calls him 'Daisy' (and feels a small twinge of nostalgia, but he shoves that away) but gains confidence as Jack keeps talking. "Shower, aspirin, yes. And maybe some food. Man, I am suddenly starving. I think it's time to raid your mom's fridge again." They walk a little faster to get home, and David decides not to tell Jack just how swollen and bruised his nose has gotten. He retreats to the fridge while Jack heads upstairs to take a shower.

And then? David comes upstairs with some hastily assembled peanut butter sandwiches and waits while Jack showers, but then he falls asleep on Jack's bed and when Jack comes in, David is fast asleep. Jack doesn't have the heart to wake him, so he puts the plate of sandwiches onto his dresser and just crawls into the bed as well. Almost instinctively David snuggles closer into Jack's back and they're both warm and Jack is clean and his nose doesn't hurt anymore and they love each other.